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At our dental practice in Ashland, we offer a range of services and treatments to uncover your perfect smile. One of our most popular treatments is teeth whitening, which offers an instant lift for immediate teeth makeover results.

The reasons our clients choose to whiten their teeth vary – and every treatment we offer is bespoke to each individual. For some, whiter teeth may have been something they have always wanted, while for other clients, whiter teeth can help them to feel more confident in their daily lives and at work – particularly if they spend a lot of time talking, presenting or on camera, for example.

When we advise clients on the benefits of teeth whitening, it is usually because they are looking for quick results, a cost-effective solution, and dental treatment they can use regularly should they wish to maintain the desired shade of whitening.

We often combine teeth whitening with other cosmetic dentistry options to further enhance and bring about the best possible results. For example, teeth whitening works well with the following cosmetic dentistry methods:

Teeth Whitening After Invisalign

Once your teeth have been beautifully straightened by Invisalign braces, you’ll be smiling all day, every day. That’s why we suggest teeth whitening as a follow-up treatment once your Invisalign process is complete, so that your smile looks as radiant and bright as you feel.

Teeth Whitening After Orthodontics or Braces

As with Invisalign braces, once your braces have been removed and the dramatic results are revealed, you will want to share that perfect smile with the world. With fixed orthodontics, especially long-term orthodontic braces, stains can occur around where the fixtures and fittings had been set against your natural teeth.

Teeth whitening after the completion of your orthodontic treatment when your braces have been removed will ensure that your beautifully aligned teeth can look their absolute best.

Teeth Whitening and Teeth Bonding

Our expert dentists have been applying teeth bonding resin to improve the look and feel of natural teeth for many years. It can fill in in gaps or cracks in teeth, and they use specialist colour charts to ensure the colour of the resin they use matches up to the colour of your natural teeth perfectly. However, it may be that you would prefer the rest of your teeth to be whiter. This is the perfect opportunity to choose teeth whitening and lift the colour of your natural teeth here in Milton Keynes, so that the resin your dentist chooses can match the colour you would prefer your smile to be.

How Does Teeth Bleaching Work?

When you choose our clinic for teeth whitening in Milton Keynes, you’ll find a calm, welcoming space where you can feel totally at ease. Our friendly team will explain the whole process to you; we’ll will even answer your questions about further cosmetic dentistry treatments if you’re interested in finding out more.

Teeth bleaching works by removing or greatly reducing the appearance of stains on the tooth’s enamel. By applying a whitening product such as a gel to the teeth that are going to be whitened, the dentist can be extremely specific about the areas of each tooth they are working on, ensuring the correct amount of bleaching solution is used in the right places. Dentists are the only professionals that can carry out teeth whitening, or recommend whitening products for home use.

Before and After Teeth Whitening

Before having Teeth Whitening treatment
After having Teeth Whitening treatment

Cost of Teeth Whitening

 Each teeth bleaching session conducted at the practice costs £450, but it can cost more cost more depending on the severity of staining, the desired shade or the number of follow-up consultations required. Our home teeth whitening kits costs around £300; however it will cost more as you require top-ups on the syringes.


Please contact us for a consultation and we can offer you an individual quote for in-practice teeth whitening in Milton Keynes, or home teeth whitening options.

Teeth Whitening Prices
Enlighten Home and in House whitening £485
Teeth Whitening boutique/Pola £300

Teeth Whitening - finance options available

You can even spread the cost of your Teeth Whitening treatment at Citident Dental, in Milton Keynes, by taking advantage of our finance options.
To help you keep your costs down, consultations for Teeth Whitening are free too.
This 0% finance option makes large treatments like Teeth Whitening more affordable by allowing you to pay for your treatment over a 6 to 10 month period.

Example of how this would work for having treatment on finance


Treatment Cost £2,500
Deposit £250
Credit Amount £2,250
Facility Interest Free
Interest Rate 0%
Term (Months) 10 Months
APR 0%
Monthly Payment £225.00
Total Payment £2,250