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The Cost of Teeth Straightening

Starts From £1,800

Teeth Straightening

If you’re ready to say ‘yes’ to straighter, healthier-looking teeth, we can help. Carried out by skilled dentists, teeth straightening is a popular procedure that offers exceptional results – and it doesn’t have to take as long, or cost quite as much as you would think.

You may want to improve your teeth for aesthetic reasons, or simply to boost their long-term health. Either way, you can put your trust in the team here at Citident Milton Keynes. By spreading the biting pressure across all teeth, teeth straightening by our cosmetic dentists will also improve the health of your gums, so you’ve every reason to enquire about this treatment.

When it comes to teeth straightening, Milton Keynes – and our clinic specifically – then our dental practice is the place to visit. With a host of different dental treatment options available near you, you can call off the search. After all, there really is no need to look elsewhere when you can put you trust in orthodontic treatment like ours.

What teeth straightening options are available to me?

There are many different treatment options available to you, from the more obvious traditional metal bracket braces to tooth coloured Six-Month-Smiles braces, and the ever-popular Invisalign procedure. You can expect excellent customer service and aftercare at Citident Dental Practice in Milton Keynes, with our team explaining every step of your procedure to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible.

Why not check them out here on our site? They include:

A removable appliance – This procedure involves you taking out the appliance or aligners to eat and brush your teeth. The removeable treatment types include the Invisalign process, and Inman Aligner. They’re both a great option for those who would like to opt for a more ‘invisible’ teeth straightening treatment.

A fixed appliance – Opt for this procedure and the teeth straightening brackets will be attached directly to the teeth, while a wire is used to join these brackets together. What this does is create the tension necessary to reposition your teeth and improve the severity of the issue. The fixed braces treatment types include Fastbraces, and Six Month Smiles.

In both cases, the treatment length will vary, from six months to a maximum of two and a half years. This is dependent on the severity of the problem, which we’ll discuss this during your consultation appointment. Your assessment and review appointments will usually be booked every four to six weeks to ensure our team can monitor your teeth straightening progress and keep you up to date with any developments or improvements.

Following your treatment in our clinic – if you opt for a removable appliance – the retainers will be worn for a minimum of six months. This will help the teeth settle into their new, straighter position and it’s a vital step for anyone undergoing straightening.

Chat to us today about our teeth straightening options, that not only improve the look of your teeth, but it helps to put a bigger smile on your face, and boost your confidence.

Spreading the cost of treatment

Get an interest-free loan in under 5 minutes

It only takes 2 minutes to apply and you’ll get an answer straight away. Applying for a loan has never been easier.
Available for all treatments starting from £250 up to £30,000. Credit availability will be subject to your individual circumstances. You must be over 18 and earn an income to apply.

Before and After Teeth Straightening

Before having Teeth Straightening treatment
After having Teeth Straightening treatment

Cost of Teeth Straightening

The cost of teeth straightening depends on the type of braces you need, and their laboratory and clinical fees. Depending on whether you need braces for both top and bottom teeth, braces treatment starts from £1500.

Our Milton Keynes Dentist at Citident Dental Practice can help adults who want to straighten their teeth. Find the best braces options at an affordable price.

Braces Prices - Teeth Straightening
Consultation £75
Invisalign Single Arch Lite* from £1,800
Invisalign Dual Arch Lite* from £2,800
Invisalign Upper & Lower Comprehensive*  from £3,800
Lingual Braces from £3,800
Inman Aligner Braces from £1,500
Six Month Smiles Braces from £3,000
Fastbraces from £3,300

*Above includes all appointments from start to end of treatment with special promotions on whitening and Vivera Retainers- enquire

Teeth Straightening - finance options available

You can even spread the cost of your Teeth Straightening treatment at Citident Dental, in Milton Keynes, by taking advantage of our finance options.
To help you keep your costs down, consultations for Teeth Straightening are free too.
This 0% finance option makes large treatments like Teeth Straightening more affordable by allowing you to pay for your treatment over a 6 to 10 month period.

Example of how this would work for having treatment on finance


Treatment Cost £2,500
Deposit £250
Credit Amount £2,250
Facility Interest Free
Interest Rate 0%
Term (Months) 10 Months
APR 0%
Monthly Payment £225.00
Total Payment £2,250

Teeth straightening near me

Choose clear braces if you’d like to opt for a treatment plan that better complements a busy lifestyle. The reason for this is they will blend more easily with your teeth and allow for a more comfortable experience throughout. Fixed braces can also be a discreet option, but may be suitable for those with more complex orthodontic needs.

Looking for teeth straightening near you? Do not hesitate to contact our team who will be more than happy to talk you through your options when it comes to finding a Milton Keynes dentist you can rely on.