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Lingual Braces
Milton Keynes

Treatment For

Straightening Teeth

The Cost of Lingual Braces

Starts From £3,800

Lingual Braces In Milton Keynes

Treatment For

Straightening Teeth With Fixed Braces

The Cost of Lingual Braces

Starts From £3,800

Lingual Braces

Want to enjoy boosted confidence as a result of straightening your uneven teeth? Lingual braces may well be the answer, helping improve your confidence and boost your self-esteem. Available from Citident Dental here in Milton Keynes, the procedure is a popular one for those who’d like to say goodbye to a less than perfect smile.


Traditionally, anyone who wanted to straighten their smile would only have one option: metal braces which are often immediately visible when you open your month. But lingual braces are different. While they have the same components as conventional braces from the orthodontist, they are fixed to the back of the tongue – or lingual – side of the teeth.


What that means to the person who’s wearing them is they’re nearly invisible. That’s right; others will barely notice you have braces. That’s because they’re fixed behind your teeth to create a straighter smile over time.


There is a slightly higher cost associated with lingual braces, as opposed to metal ones, but customers of Citident tell us time and time again that it has been more than worth the initial outlay.

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What’s the lingual braces treatment like – and how much does it cost?

Our skilled orthodontist here at Citident Dental will discuss costs and payment plans with you; these can vary from individual to individual – as will the length of the treatment.


A time-consuming process, applying lingual braces can take a little longer than convention braces, too. Customised to you to ensure a perfect fit, lingual braces can be bent to fit the contours of your mouth to ensure a more comfortable feel following your procedure. After all, you’ll be wearing your braces for a while, so you really will want to ensure they feel the best they can.


Patients can expect a little discomfort to begin with, but before long, you’ll hardly feel your new lingual braces – and you’ll be glad you finally took the plunge to have some fitted.


Correcting most bite problems, lingual braces have long been the ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t want to wear traditional metal braces. You’ll soon get used to the way they feel in your mouth. Eating and sleeping can be a challenge at first, but this is only temporary, and the results will be more than worth it.


When you’re ready to chat to a professional about lingual braces, do not hesitate to call our team at Citident Dental. With years of experience in the industry, we’re known throughout Milton Keynes and beyond for the great work we do for patients like you. Get in touch and we’d be happy to talk you through the lingual braces procedure and give you a better idea of availability and prices.

Cost of Lingual Braces

Braces Prices - Teeth Straightening
Consultation £75
Invisalign Single Arch Lite* from £1,800
Invisalign Dual Arch Lite* from £2,800
Invisalign Upper & Lower Comprehensive*  from £3,800
Lingual Braces from £3,800
Inman Aligner Braces from £1,500
Six Month Smiles Braces from £3,000
Fastbraces from £3,300

*Above includes all appointments from start to end of treatment with special promotions on whitening and Vivera Retainers- enquire

Lingual Braces - finance options available

You can even spread the cost of your Lingual Braces treatment at Citident Dental, in Milton Keynes, by taking advantage of our finance options.
To help you keep your costs down, consultations for Lingual Braces are free too.
This 0% finance option makes large treatments like Lingual Braces more affordable by allowing you to pay for your treatment over a 6 to 10 month period.

Example of how this would work for having treatment on finance


Treatment Cost £2,500
Deposit £250
Credit Amount £2,250
Facility Interest Free
Interest Rate 0%
Term (Months) 10 Months
APR 0%
Monthly Payment £225.00
Total Payment £2,250