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The Cost of Beauty & Facial Aesthetics

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Beauty & Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics procedures can help to bring out the young and wonderful you. Here at Citident Dental Practice we are able to provide treatments that will help to reduce wrinkles, plump skin, improve your looks and prevent excessive sweating.

A full consultation is required prior to treatment, this enables us to listen to your concerns and determine the correct treatment plan to meet your needs.
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Wrinkle Reduction

Safe and predictable techniques can be used to smoothen out facial lines. This popular technique smooths crow’s feet, frown lines, neck lines and other signs of ageing for a youthful appearance.


Semi-permanent make-up , also known as micropigmentation, is a form of temporary cosmetic tattooing which allows you to have long-lasting lip colour as well shaped eyebrows. The procedure involves tiny particles of pigment being placed beneath the surface of the skin. This pigment will stay in the skin for a number of months, gradually breaking down and fading with time, although the longevity of the results will depend on your age and skin type.


Ombre\ Powder Micropigmentation
Ombre is permanent powdered brows technique for clients who prefer fuller result than hairstrokes but still soft. It’s a technique which looks like daily makeup done with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow. The tails of the brow are darker and fade into a light beginning to the brow, giving a perfect Ombre makeup affect.


Microblading differs from conventional semi-permanent tattooing by the very fact that it is a manual procedure. When using a hand held micro blade, the colour is deposited closer to the surface than when a machine is used leaving very fine and crisp hair strokes. This method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of his or her eyebrows but not suitable for oily, problematic skin. The results are naturally looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present. People suffering from alopecia, trigonometric or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from Microblading, as well as those who simply aren’t happy with their eyebrows. The pigments used in this method have been formulated to match client’s original eyebrow color, and if the eyebrows are still present, blend perfectly into them. The results are realistic, flawless, fuller looking eyebrows.

Do not drink alcohol, coffee, strong tea, blood thinning medicines at least one day before the treatment ;
Do not use soliarium at least 2 days before the treatment;
Do not perform mesotherapy, biorevitalisation, acid facial peeling, facial cleansers, facial laser hair removal, laser removal of capillaries at least 1 month before the treatment;
Do not tint eyebrows and come as possible as natural look (no waxing recommended to see full shape; also avoid skin irritation);
Do not take Aspirin, Vitamin E, Niacin, Ibuprofen 1 day before the treatment;
If you got botox injections, you should wait at least 1 month before the treatment;
Make sure you checked all CONTRAINDICATIONS provided by us.

Make sure your hands are washed and sanitized When You touch your brows
1st -10th DAYS: After first day don’t use any water but only Bephanten ointment (THIN LAYER) 2 times in a day (morning and evening) for 10 days until scabs start to fall off. Each time wash hands before and after application and use a clean cotton to avoid infection. If a crust appears on the pigmented surface do not force the removal by picking, scratching or washing! Pigment may be removed along with the crust! Use a gentle face cleanser but avoid the treatment areas.
Shower with your back to the water to avoid water, shampoo and conditioner from getting into the pigmented areas Avoid for 10 days: Soaps; Facial cleansers; Washing pigmented area; Chlorine pools; Retin-A on pigmented areas; Makeup on pigmented area for 10 days, including non-allergenic; Hot, steamy, long showers; Sun on pigmented areas; Jacuzzi or saunas;

Healing process
The result of the treatment is determined by the following: medication, skin characteristics (dry, oily, sun-damaged, thick or thin skin type), Personal pH balance of your skin.
Immediately after the procedure the enhancement can be 30 to 50% darker than the desired result and it can take between 4-10 days to lighten. The true colour will be visible 1 month after the application.
If the client follows the aftercare, she/he will get small scabs – thin layer of crust that will be peeling of itself. It is very important not to scratch eyebrows (client can feel itching) as you can easily loose the pigment together with scratching. If this happen, mostly there is no pigment left and skin can be white or even reddish because of irritation. The iritation will disappear within a few days. Sometimes the client can see redness the same day after the treatment. This is also normal and it disappears in the next few days

Cost of Beauty & Facial Aesthetics

Brows technique Price Price
Powder Micropigmentation £200 (first treatment)
£30 (touch-up after 1-3 months)
Ombre Micropigmentation £200 (first treatment)
£30 (touch-up after 1-3 months)
Microblanding £200 (first treatment)
£30 (touch-up after 1-3 months)
Henna Spa Tinting £15
Lips technique Price
Lip line definition £100 (first treatment)
£30 (touch-up after 1-3 months)
Ombre Lip blush £150 (first treatment)
£30 (touch-up after 1-3 months)
Full Lip colour £200 (first treatment)
£30 (touch-up after 1-3 months)
Beauty FaceSkin treatment Price
Hydrafacial £100 (per treatment)
Face Massage and Mask £35 (per treatment)
Clean Glow Face £50 (per treatment)
Beauty Makeup Price
Bridal (with false lashes) £70
Special Occasion £50
Natural makeup £35

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